Convenient, Affordable Online Maritime Education Programs

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ECM Training Services, LLC was formed to meet a need which has existed in the maritime industry for many years…access to a training forum for incoming and existing personnel in a format which is cost effective to address individuals, as well as larger groups, and which is flexible enough to accommodate widely varying schedules.

We offer all those in the maritime industry access to convenient, affordable online maritime education programs specifically designed to provide a strong skill and knowledge basis on specific career or current industry trend concentration. In addition we provide students access to a wide range of individual courses for those interested in advancing specific skills and knowledge in their chosen area of maritime expertise.

All courses are accredited and are supported academically by industry experts. They can be taken at a time and pace suited to each student’s schedule, and certificates of achievement are issued by ECM Training Services upon students successfully finishing each program.

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The ECM Group

ECM Maritime Services, LLC was established in 1992 to provide OPA 90 services to the maritime industry. We have since grown to become one of the world’s leading regulatory consulting, compliance, and emergency response companies. While ECM’s roots are in pollution prevention and response, we continue to grow and improve our capabilities to develop a diverse network of specialties to meet the needs of our clients. It has been through the request of many of those same clients, who clearly have a need for additional education and skills training to further develop their employees, that ECM Training Services was born.largegroup

Maritime Online Education Programs – Flexible and Affordable


With complex schedules prohibiting access to traditional classroom-based programs, today’s maritime employees require a more flexible medium on which to pursue further education and skills training. To accommodate their needs, ECM’s programs are run on a leading online educational platform. which provides sea-faring and port-side personnel alike with the ability to take courses when convenient, at a pace that accommodates their schedules. This effective approach to online education is based on a learning model – programs are built on listening or watching engaging instructors and participating through experimentation in virtual labs (where available); followed by validating the learning outcome in a test or an exam.