Designated Duty Engineer

Designated Duty Engineer

A Designated Duty Engineer (“DDE”) means a qualified engineer, who may be the responsible engineer on vessels with a periodically unattended engine room.

A DDE is defined by STCW as the engineer in charge of a watch in a periodically unmanned engine room. Under the United States regulations, the DDE may serve as a Chief Engineer on domestic vessels of not more than 500grt. The unlimited horsepower DDE credential is valid on any waters. For many industries, including Towing, Offshore Supply, Mega yachts, or other vessels up to 500 grt, this is an ideal license to obtain as a step towards the higher level assistant and chief engineer licenses.

Any applicant who successfully completed the DDE Unlimited Horsepower (LRNAMC-157) course within l year of application will:

  • Receive 45 days of sea service credit that can be applied towards the service requirements of 46 CFR l l .524(b )( 1) for a credential as Designated Duty Engineer of Motor Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Horsepower;


  • Satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 1 l .903(a)(34) for a national officer endorsement as Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor. This approval is limited to the original issuance of Designated Duty Engineer Less Than 4,000 HP Motor only. Any other endorsement sought in conjunction with this approval will require the successful completion of the USCG issued examination for that endorsement.