Houston, TX, October 6, 2015—ECM Training Services, LLC held an interactive seminar on “Pursuing ECA Compliance: Is LNG As A Marine Fuel Viable” at Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX on September 22-23. Over 45 participants gathered to hear from an impressive group of industry experts, who shared their knowledge and expertise on LNG.

IMG_0918“This seminar became a part of a very important and ongoing discussion about LNG as a Marine Fuel,” stated Mike Minogue, CEO of ECM Training Services. “The expert panelists we assembled are at the forefront of these LNG discussions. They are the industry’s “think tank” or “thought leaders,” as their expertise and knowledge regarding LNG is sought after around the world. Participants learned an invaluable amount of information including the viability of LNG as an alternative fuel, what it costs and how to deliver it.”

Seminar panelists covered a variety of topics including the basics of LNG, equipment and cargo handling, safety and risk, regulations and training. Participants engaged in a number of interactive discussions regarding the issues facing the industry today and the ongoing initiatives to influence LNG for Marine Fuel.

IMG_0932Panelists included Tony Teo, LNG Business Director for Keppel; Ganesen Manickam, CEO, Bendwaters Pvt Ltd; Renee Klimczak, Managing Director, Galway Group Energy Advisors; CDR Gretchen Bailey (USCG), commanding officer of Marine Safety Unit in Houma, LA; Aziz Bamik, General Manager of GTT N. America; Aaron Brown, (Senior Consultant, DNV GL; Lindsay Deal, Deputy Section Manager for the Quantitative Risk Analysis Group, DNV GL; and John Hatley, VP Ship Power for Wartsila North America.

“The most pertinent issues facing the maritime industry surrounding the use of LNG as a fuel were addressed,” said Minogue. “By creating this unique forum to have these important conversations, participants are now able to effectively help their business make smart decisions regarding their use of LNG.”

Participant feedback:

“It was a pleasure to have been at the [ECM seminar]. It was an impressive gathering. I’ll be able to incorporate a lot of the discussions from the seminar into my working group. “

“Thank you for a very stimulating conference with excellent networking opportunities and interesting speakers/participants.”

“Thanks for putting together such an informative event. The future of LNG as a fuel is bright.”

“Thanks for organizing a first-rate seminar!”

“Many thanks for putting on a fantastic seminar. Hope to stay in touch with ECM Training Services as the LNG [market] goes through this interesting time of development.”

About ECM Training Services

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