Norwalk, CT, Sept. 21, 2015—ECM Training Services, LLC will offer a five-course, certification program in LNG Cargo Operations, a must for maritime professionals facing today’s challenges of transporting LNG, one of the fastest growing sources of fuel. ECM Training Services comprehensive suite of maritime educational programs are available online today at

“The worldwide share of LNG trade has swelled from 6% in 1970 to over 30% today. Because of this increased popularity, the maritime industry is faced with the challenges of transporting it and maintaining the security of the cargo and the crew,” stated Mike Minogue, CEO of ECM Training Services. “Our LNG program incorporates the most up-to-date procedures with the most current information to inform and prepare course participants to deal with real-world scenarios. And, the convenience of having an online program like this (and all of our courses) is that it allows individuals to take advantage of such education on their own time.”

The LNG Cargo Operations Program is comprised of six courses: LNG BASICS, LNG Equipment, LNG Ancillary Systems, LNG Security and LNG Commercial.lngimage4

“Working with and transporting LNG is a specialization that requires a highly-skilled and knowledgeable crew,” said Minogue. “The supply of qualified and experienced crew to man these specialist vessels is unable to keep up with the demand. Hence, qualified crew members are highly sought after and well-rewarded.”

Developed with the guidance of relevant industry experts and institutions, ECM Training Services suite of courses also includes Ship Superintendent General; Ship Superintendent – Marine; Ship Superintendent – Technical; Breakbulk Shipping; Maritime Logistics; Marine Engineering; and Ship Operations.

All courses are certified and/or accredited and individuals are issued a certificate of achievement from ECM Training Services upon successful completion within the time allowed. All courses begin on the first of every month, and are available on a rolling basis. All ECM Training Services courses run on a platform based on a proven experiential learning model which employs an engaging kick-off session, followed by e-Book self-study, quizzes, homework assignments, and virtual labs.

Registration is available now. Registrants choose when and where to begin their program. Visit here for more information on courses and to register.