LNG as Marine Fuel Program

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a clean and eco-friendly fuel. It has good heating ability (calorific value) and offers greater fuel efficiency when used for domestic or industrial purposes. The worldwide share of LNG trade has increased from 6% in 1970 to over 30% today. This boom has led to rapid expansion in the LNG trade and the number of LNG ships carrying this cargo.

LNG serves as a greater alternative to diesel for operating marine vessels. LNG is produced worldwide at a low cost and burns cleaner than diesel fuel. Moreover, LNG achieves lower NOx and particulate emission levels better than diesel fuel.

Demand projection is that LNG consumed as marine fuel will reach 1 million tons in 2020 and will increase rapidly to 8.5 million tons by 2025. LNG allows ships to meet MARPOL Annex VI requirements for both worldwide trades and operation in ECAs as its sulfur emissions are well below the Annex VI requirements for ECAs.

Despite the high level of demand for LNG there is still a lack of supply of qualified and experienced crew to man these specialist vessels. Hence, qualified crew members are highly sought after and well-rewarded. ECM Training Services’ LNG as Marine Fuel Program comes with on-line skills and training program that provides a solid knowledge basis for those looking to enter the field

Our LNG as a Marine Fuel Program offers courses along  six  topics; all are accredited by ABS.”

Flexible Course Enrollment

The LNG as Marine Fuel  online skills and training program involves interactive online instruction. Upon registration, students participate at their own pace and on their own schedule, within a 90-day program completion time frame (6 courses). Courses may be taken simultaneously, and students have access to a faculty instructor who is a subject matter expert in the field, as well as complete technical support, if required. A certificate of achievement is awarded by ECM Training Services upon successful completion of the Program.

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Our LNG as Marine Fuel Program offers six course topics.

1. LNGF Basics
2. LNGF Bunkering
3. LNGF Containment and Ancillaries
4. LNGF Health, Safety and Compliance
5. LNGF Main Engine and Equipment/ Control Systems
6. LNGF Training, logistics and Commercial