Tug & Barge Crew Member Training: USCG Subchapter M Regulations

Our Tug & Barge Crew Member Training Program is designed with the latest training requirements set forth by USCG. In 46 CFR Subchapter M, the scope of the program covers all training requirements under Subchapter M including: 140.515, 140.645, 141.240, 142.245 and all of Part 140–Operations.

Subchapter M regulations will affect thousands of vessels across the maritime industry. All companies operating towing vessels must have a Certificate of Inspection (evidencing compliance with Subchapter M) from the USCG/TPA by July 22nd, 2019 for 25% of their fleet, July 20th, 2020 for 50% of their fleet; July 19th, 2021 for 75% of their fleet and July 19th, 2022 for 100%.

In anticipation of the new USCG Sub Chapter M regulations coming into effect, ECM Training Services, LLC has prepared the Tug and Barge Crew Member Training Program which is self-paced and completely on-line. This program comes with a 90 day license. After successful completion of all the course requirements such as study time, quizzes and tests, ECMTS will award the user a program completion certificate. We also provide ongoing user support through subject matter experts who are always available.

Flexible Course Enrollment

The Tug and Barge Crew Member Training: USCG Subchapter M online skills and training program involves interactive online instruction. Upon registration, students participate at their own pace and on their own schedule, within a 90-day program completion time frame (4 courses). Courses may be taken simultaneously, and students have access to a faculty instructor who is a subject matter expert in the field, as well as complete technical support, if required. A certificate of achievement is awarded by ECM Training Services upon successful completion of the Program.

Contact us at info@ecmtrainingservices.com for multiple registrant volume pricing information.

Our Tug and Barge Crew Member Training: USCG Subchapter M Program offers four course topics and the fee is $1,450.00 USD.

1. Subchapter M and the Towing Safety Management System
2. Safety of Navigation on Tugs
3. Towing and Vessel Operations
4. Lifesaving and Firefighting on Tugs