Maritime Cyber Security

Did You Know?

It is estimated that worldwide over 100 million phishing attacks occur every single day! On the average a successful cyber-attack is expected to cost a company over 3 million dollars.


IMO Resolution MSC.428(98) (adopted on 16 June 2017), Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems addresses the need to address cyber security. This course is designed to give an overview of cyber-security vulnerabilities, threats and risks, and delves into the specific challenges of the shipping industry in addressing this problem. The course meets the requirements of the Draft NVIC 05-17, “Guidelines for Addressing Cyber Risks at Maritime Transportation Security Acts (MTSA) Regulated Facilities.”

Course Topics:

Introduction to Cyber Security:
Cyber Security Threats, Cyber Security Risks, Intro to Cyber Security for the Shipping Industry

Maritime Cyber Security:
Maritime Cyber Threats, Vulnerabilities On-Board, On-Board Risks

Cyber Security Legal Aspects:
Cybersecurity for the Maritime Industry

Protection, Detection and Mitigation:
Intrusion Detection Systems, Onboard Measures

Defense Strategies
Training and Asset Management, Security recommendations

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