Maritime Logistics

Did You Know?

Are you Familiar with all the modes of transportation in a liner service and their integration?

  • Single bills of lading vs. an intermodal bill of lading
  • Responsibility/liability for each intermodal operator
  • Regulatory bodies and commissions involved in intermodal operations

Maritime logistics is the process of moving cargo from its point of origin to its final destination, such as from an overseas manufacturer to a consumer’s store shelves. This process has created a wealth of career opportunities and an immediate need for a qualified workforce. This program covers the latest practices in maritime transportation and supply chain management. The complexity of decision-making in logistics and transportation involving its many stakeholders and processes are a part of this interesting program.

Course Topics:

  • World Trade Patterns
  • International trade and multi-modal transportation
  • Supply Chain
  • Intermodal and multimodal transportation
  • Ship Types
  • Ship’s Operation
  • Ports and Terminals
  • Logistics of Breakbulk Cargo
  • Petroleum Logistics
  • Container Shipping and Systems
  • Documentation
  • Information Management
  • Maritime Security
  • Integrated Case Study
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