Marine Environmental Awareness

Did You Know?

Classified as blackwater, around 30,000 gallons of sewage is deposited into the ocean by cruise ships. Sewage includes waste from the toilets and the health facilities provided in the cruise ship. Such sewage is rich in bacteria and aigae adversely affecting the oceanic life-forms and the entire marine eco-system.


MARPOL and OPA-90 teaches Officers, Superintendents, Port Captains and Crew what the regulations are and how to comply with them. The course is designed to help the community of seafarers to be updated with the latest regulatory demands. It lays emphasis on the correct methods to meet the requirements and prevent abuse of the experience sharing brings about a total coverage to the issue of marine pollution.

Course Topics:

  • Marine Environment
  • Law of the sea (UNCLOS), UNCLOS on Marine Pollution
  • MARPOL Annexes
  • Annex I, Annex II, Annex III, Annex IV, Annex V, Annex VI
  • MARPOL 73/78
  • Delivery of MARPOL waste
  • MARPOL Equipment
  • Sources and Effects of Marine Pollution
  • Reporting of pollution incidents
  • Marine Pollution Regulations in US
  • OPA 90
  • SOPEP, Vessel Response Plan and VGP
  • Tank Vessel on Board Spill Equipment
  • Non-tank Vessel on Board Spill Equipment
  • Garbage Waste Management Plan
  • Other Conventions on pollution prevention
  • Liability Claims for Marine Pollutions
  • IOPC and other funds
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