Navigation Officers & Rating Courses


Navigation Officers & Rating Courses

Deck officers including the ship’s captain are part of the navigation trained officers on board. Their role is to navigate the vessel from one port to the other, assist in safe loading of the vessel and take care of the cargo during transit and then deliver at the discharging port. Depending on the type of cargoes, the operation could vary in complexity. Our courses are aligned and accredited to the standards specified under Chapter 2: STCW Code for Standards Regarding the Master and Deck Department (Certification)

  • STCW II/1: Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more
  • STCW II/2: Masters and Chief Mates on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more
  • STCW II/3: Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch and of Masters on ships of less than 500 gross tonnage, engaged on near-coastal voyages
  • STCW II/4: Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
  • STCW II/5: Ratings as Able Seafarer Deck

The Master (Mariner Master or Captain) is the professional qualification required for someone to serve as the Captain of a commercial vessel of any size, of any type, operating anywhere in the world. Masters, also known as Captains, are in overall command of the ship and are responsible for the safety, efficiency and commercial feasibility of the ship.

Chief Mate is the second in command following the Captain or Master and also the head of the deck department who takes care of the cargo operation and navigation on a ship. Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) is an operational level endorsement for the other deck officers on a sea going ship, who are called the 2nd mate or the 3rd mate or 2nd officer or the 3rd officer.

There are various ranks of deck ratings called the Able Seaman or AB, the Able Seafarer Deck (AS-D or AB Deck) and they are qualified ratings at the deck department on ocean going vessels

With this certificate, you can perform the functions and duties of a deck rating forming part of a navigational watch on ocean going vessels.