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QMED04 Fireman - Watertender

Did You Know?

The firemen and watertenders served a major role in the ship's boiler room during the war and made sure that the ships were under steam, even under arduous conditions and high heat in the ship's confine.

Fireman - Watertender

The QMED04 Fireman-Watertender course is more suitable for a steam propelled vessel. The course includes knowledge of associated machinery and procedures, and a final exam. Completion of the course, along with having the requisite amount of sea service, enables the candidate to gain a Coast Guard endorsement in their merchant marine credential as fireman/watertender.

Course Topics:

Shipboard equipment and systems: Ballast, Bilge, Compressed air, Fuel oil storage/transfer, Fuel treatment

Steam propulsion: Auxiliary turbines, Boiler fundamentals, Combustion principles, Condensate systems, Drive systems, Feedwater systems, Fuel service systems, Maintenance, Safety, Steam fundamentals, Turbine fundamentals

General Engineering Knowledge: Auxiliary machinery, Basic safety procedures, Care of equipment-machine parts, Heat exchangers, Instrumentation principles, Maintenance procedures, Measuring instruments, Pipes, fittings, and valves, Pollution prevention, Properties of fuel, Remote control equipment, Use of hand/power tools, Watch duties

Safety: Safety and environmental protection, Communications, Damage control, Elementary first aid, Emergency equipment, Environmental awareness, Fire prevention, Firefighting equipment, Firefighting principles, General safety, Hazardous materials

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