Vessel Security Officer (VSO)

Did You Know?

Shipping giant Maersk was forced to replace tens of thousands of servers and computers in the aftermanth of a ransomware attack. The Maersk computer system runs an operation that handles 20% of all world trade; it carries an average of 20,000 containers into ports around the world, every 15 minutes. The attack caused a loss of $250 - $300 million.


Each ship must have its designated and trained Security officer. Any candidate who satisfactorily completes the Vessel Security Officer course will satisfy the training requirements of 33 CFR 104.215(d)(1)(iv) and STCW Code Section A-VI/5 for an STCW endorsement as Vessel Security Officer.

This syllabus covers the requirements of the STCW Code as amended Chapter VI, Section A-VI/5. Candidates who successfully complete this course should be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a designated Vessel Security Officer as defined in 33 CFR Part 104.

Course Topics:

  1. Maritime Security Policy
  2. Security Responsibilities
  3. Ship Security Assessment
  4. Security equipment and systems
  5. Ship Security Plan
  6. Threat Identification, Recognition, and Response
  7. Ship Security Actions
  8. Emergency Preparedness, Drills, and Exercises
  9. Security Administration
  10. Security Training
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